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Pubblicato il 18/02/2020

in: Lettera sulla Sicilia, i siciliani e la Nemesi Celeste

Wow! You defined each and every inch of Sicily so beautifully! A couple of days ago I came across this Italian folktale called 'The Tale Of Don Giovanni' on the internet, and it really moved me. And then I stumbled upon Donna Jo Napoli's rendition of the tale in her book 'The Wager' and I [...] just fell in love with it. I fell in love with the city, its walls, its people, and the utter bittersweet nature of mankind. Of course, after reading that book I couldn't resist but to visit Sicily in person. I visited the island of Sicily last year on my business trip regarding mark wahlberg spenser confidential jacket and the place is just as beautiful as defined in tales and letters. Maybe even more. I visited all the historical places and monuments. The insane blend of different cultures and languages is a constant reminder that humans, albeit being different and belonging from different parts of the world, can still live and build together as one!

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